Looking for a challenge? Nothing beats flying your own plane. It’s a great personal achievement and the ultimate way to travel!

As one of the nation’s most established Flight Schools, with 40 years of experience, hundreds of pilots have learned to fly with Polar Aviation. We have an enviable safety record and one of the most experienced Flight Instructors in Australia.

Polar Aviation students have the unique opportunity to navigate the Pilbara’s spectacular desert terrain, giving them the added confidence to fly anywhere in Australia.

If you’re just starting out – or want to experience what it’s like to really fly – book a Trial Instructional Flight and take the controls of our modern Cessna 172.

For the budding pilot, aviation enthusiast or as unforgettable gift.


Once you start your journey to becoming a pilot, all Polar Aviation students have access to our modern facilities and training materials online.

Training rates: $450 an hour (as of 14 July 2021).

Click the thumbnail below to preview our Cessna 172. You could soon be at the controls!


With a Recreational Pilot Licence you’ll be authorised to fly light, single-engine aircraft during daylight hours in good weather with up to one passenger. By gaining additional endorsements and a medical certificate, you’ll be able fly almost anywhere in Australia with your family and friends!


A Private Pilot Licence is the ultimate reward, allowing you to navigate anywhere in Australia, with passengers, in any aircraft you are rated for. Add a Night VFR or Instrument Rating and you can fly almost any time, anywhere! It may even be your first step to becoming a Commercial Pilot!

The Basics of Flight (PowerPoint) RPL/PPL Licence Outline & Cost