Commencing operations in Port Hedland in 1981, Polar Aviation has an additional base in Newman and is the leading air services supplier in the Pilbara region of north-western Australia. Equipped with a versatile fleet of aircraft  for a diverse range of needs, Polar Aviation specialises in Air Charter, Air Freight, Scenic Tours and Flight Training. With a flawless safety record and specialist knowledge of the region, Polar Aviation operates reliably and comfortably deep into Australia’s north-central outback, flying regularly to some of the remotest settlements on Earth.



Managing Director
Clark Butson

Clark is a dedicated member of the aviation industry with more than 21,000 hours flying experience. Rated as a Grade One Flying Instructor, he has conducted more than 10,000 hours of flight training. Clark’s aviation knowledge and experience transfer to his reputable management abilities.

All pilots employed with Polar Aviation are fully qualified and accustomed to flying in remote areas. They have all completed their Multi Engine Command Instrument Ratings (MECIR), and the fleet is maintained by our Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME). Polar Aviation employs specialised staff in the areas of Operations, Flying and Aircraft Maintenance.



Polar Aviation is committed to providing optimal safety and service standards in all areas of its operations. To read more about our safety management system, click the following links.

Safety Management Statement Safety Management System